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Membership of FPAs is voluntary for most landowners

Landowners can choose whether to join an FPA or not.

This is because:

  • The right to freedom of association in the Constitution must be upheld.
  • Landowners themselves need to make firm commitments to co-operate through FPAs.

Who is compelled to join an FPA?

The owners of:

  • State land
  • District and local municipalities (including the land and properties they own), if there is a registered FPA in their area of jurisdiction

State land means:

  • National or provincial land
  • Land held in trust for communities by the Minister of Land Affairs or the Ingonyama Trust

Associated Files:

Regsaanspreeklikheid en die Boer
Applicaition Form / Aansoek Vorm
Membership Fees / Fooie
SCFPA Advantages
SCFPA Voordele

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